What makes a website resourceful?

Internet has opened up businesses to tremendous potential for success and unlimited opportunities for overall growth. Internet marketing is growing more popular day by day and all the business units are now traceable online through their websites.

However, for a brand to avail the maximum benefits of online opportunities, it must own a captivating, unique, innovative, and original looking website. Below mentioned are some features that make websites a success.

Browser capability:

If a website is not compatible with some browsers that means a large population is not even able to access it. It must be compatible with all types of browsers since users across the world are now using various platforms for browsing the internet. What may look fabulous on internet explorer may have issues with Google Chrome and may be totally unreadable on Safari. A good website will look equally attractive on all platforms.

Easy to access

It should be accessible from locations all over the world. Majority of people are now using smart phones, tablets and iPhones for internet access. Therefore, website must be compatible with such devices so that more users are able to view it on the go.

Validation from W3C standards: never forget to get your website design valued by the W3C standards. Get it validated with no warnings and errors. This will help increase website’s credibility among search engines and will also help it score better rankings in SERPs.

Easy navigation – Simply getting an attractive and appealing looking product is not enough .It should also be easy to explore by the visitors. Keep the navigation across pages as simple as possible. This is a major factor which can either drive the customers away or keep them glued to the website. Healthy navigation is a critical factor in generating high leads and increasing returns on investment.

Fast loading: no one would like to visit a loading website. By the time it would load, the user would have switched to something else. This is another important feature that would define how successful your online marketing is. Make sure your site loads faster so that it does not frustrate the visitors.

If you wish to incorporate all the above features in your online product then go for only the best web solutions in NYC. Get your website designed and development only by the top designers and developers to enjoy a successful online business.


What can ASP.Net do to your website?

ASP.NET is one of the languages by professionals for web development. This is language is used for building various web applications. .NET is a framework that is used to develop web as well as desktop applications.

The unique feature of growing popularity of ASP.NET in programming is that help developers to create dynamic websites, web services, and web applications. It is studied by independent software evaluation firms that ASP.NET is ten times faster than Java’s technology, J2EE.

There are number of advantages of using this technology in website programming and the most obvious benefit is availability of feature rich toolbox, built-in resources, and other useful features in this web-empowering ASP.NET technology. This language benefits both programmers and developers in many ways. The growing popularity of this technology in web development can be seen from its usage in most of the popular websites such as Amazon, eBay etc.

Let’s have a quick look on how ASP.NET provides an effective web development solution to the developers in places like New York:

  • Web applications are faster: What makes ASP.NET fast is caching and compilation of code. As compare to other development languages that supports code interpretation, into machine language, at the time when users views web page, ASP.NET on the other hand benefits in the way the code is complied into appropriate machine language before visiting web page. Caching helps to reuse the stored information in future without interoperating it repeatedly. In this way, this web programming language benefits in faster access of site.

  • Recover memory leaks: The most irritating thing when visiting website is error messages. To ensure that your website will never display error messages when accessed, this language provides a shieling feature. This means, it recovers automatically when errors or memory leak occur.

  • Support for multiple languages: Using ASP.NET, programmers can also develop code in other languages such as Jscript.Net, C# (C Sharp).Net, VB.Net etc. IN this way, .NET framework provides users a flexibility of developing code, using language they are skilled in.

  • This language comes with rich in libraries that greatly reduce the amount of code.

  • Various types of authentication methods in ASP.NET help to develop web application with high security.

  • Easy to use and understand.

  • Quick execution of code than other scripting languages

  • Easy to maintain as source code isolates the logic from presentation.

The black, white and gray of SEO!

There are various techniques of optimizing a website for getting higher page ranking among search engines, secure more visibility and for better accessibility by the user. How these SEO techniques are grouped into categories, and are collectively called black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO.

While white techniques are ethical, black are unethical methods of promoting a site’s visibility and ranking. Gray hat walks the fine line between these two. Let us now read in detail, what these individually mean:

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the attempt made to improve website ranking by means which are not approved by search engines and are deceptive. They do not comply with the current optimization guidelines. Websites that make use of it, are eventually penalized, banned, re-indexed or receive lower rankings.

These are basically tricks to secure higher search results and positioning, by hook or by crook. It yields no benefit to users and offers quick results.

A few of its examples would include

Keyword stuffing, placing keywords within hidden text by coloring them the same font color as the page background.

Overusing keywords in comment or Meta tags and in the visible text as well, to an extent where repetition is visible.

Doorway pages (pages stuffed with the keywords which are not visible to users but only to search engines).

Creating unrelated links just to secure more links towards the main page.

White hat

The focus of white hat SEO solution in Norwalk is towards users and not for search engines. Its primary aim is to boost accessibility and relevant search results for users. What hit optimization follows all the current guidelines of SEO and makes sure that content seen by users is same as indexed by major search engines.

It centers on ensuring relevancy of content, readability, writing quality content which is well-structured and is useful for readers. White hat tools focus on crossing linking the pages on the website internally wherever appropriate, along with building quality links from genuine and trusted sources. These techniques yield slower results.

Gray hat

It takes certain risks but is not likely to get a site banned. However, it may result into certain penalty. These are questionable methods of search engine optimization, but do not fall in the category of black hat. However, considering the way underlying guidelines are changing rapidly, what is gray today may become black very soon.

Do you want to spread a word about your products/services? Consider PPC!

Do you own a website? Is it ranking on first ten top search results? If your answer is no, then what have been you doing so long?

Website plays an important role in business growth. You cannot expect visitors or high traffic to get queued up on your website, the day it has launched. To allow visitors to come on your website, you need to see whether your website is visible over the web or not and are people aware of it.

Although, there are many ways to make website visible on web but the most common and cost effective way that most of the people take is SEO (search engine optimization). This process does ensure that your site will get placed in the top ten search results and reach to the target audience.

However, the process of SEO is a time consuming one. You cannot expect to get results over the night. There are series of steps that are needed to be followed which later help achieve the online goal (to be on the top first ten SERP).

Therefore, if you want to get instant results, you cannot just rely on search engine optimization; for this, you need to avail an alternative called pay per click services from NY internet marketing companies.

Pay per click advertising is a paid online marketing process, where you have to pay certain amount to the PPC Company for your ads. Advertisements would be either in the form of graphics, a text message or both, which would be placed on different platforms over the web. These advertisements are displayed when someone clicks it and goes to your website. Automatically, the ad-account gets charged when any visitor clicks the ad. Thus, each time visitor visit your site via the ad, the owner of the person needs to pay for every click.

Thus, result of this paid marketing is very instant as compared to other internet marketing services like SEO. Moreover, another benefit of this campaign is that you can set your budget and even the amount for every click. In other words, as per your requirement, you can plan your pay per click campaign as per your requirements & needs and pay for the same, accordingly.

An owner can get detailed report of the campaign that will help ensure him or her that his money is used in best possible ways.