The black, white and gray of SEO!

There are various techniques of optimizing a website for getting higher page ranking among search engines, secure more visibility and for better accessibility by the user. How these SEO techniques are grouped into categories, and are collectively called black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO.

While white techniques are ethical, black are unethical methods of promoting a site’s visibility and ranking. Gray hat walks the fine line between these two. Let us now read in detail, what these individually mean:

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the attempt made to improve website ranking by means which are not approved by search engines and are deceptive. They do not comply with the current optimization guidelines. Websites that make use of it, are eventually penalized, banned, re-indexed or receive lower rankings.

These are basically tricks to secure higher search results and positioning, by hook or by crook. It yields no benefit to users and offers quick results.

A few of its examples would include

Keyword stuffing, placing keywords within hidden text by coloring them the same font color as the page background.

Overusing keywords in comment or Meta tags and in the visible text as well, to an extent where repetition is visible.

Doorway pages (pages stuffed with the keywords which are not visible to users but only to search engines).

Creating unrelated links just to secure more links towards the main page.

White hat

The focus of white hat SEO solution in Norwalk is towards users and not for search engines. Its primary aim is to boost accessibility and relevant search results for users. What hit optimization follows all the current guidelines of SEO and makes sure that content seen by users is same as indexed by major search engines.

It centers on ensuring relevancy of content, readability, writing quality content which is well-structured and is useful for readers. White hat tools focus on crossing linking the pages on the website internally wherever appropriate, along with building quality links from genuine and trusted sources. These techniques yield slower results.

Gray hat

It takes certain risks but is not likely to get a site banned. However, it may result into certain penalty. These are questionable methods of search engine optimization, but do not fall in the category of black hat. However, considering the way underlying guidelines are changing rapidly, what is gray today may become black very soon.


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