What can ASP.Net do to your website?

ASP.NET is one of the languages by professionals for web development. This is language is used for building various web applications. .NET is a framework that is used to develop web as well as desktop applications.

The unique feature of growing popularity of ASP.NET in programming is that help developers to create dynamic websites, web services, and web applications. It is studied by independent software evaluation firms that ASP.NET is ten times faster than Java’s technology, J2EE.

There are number of advantages of using this technology in website programming and the most obvious benefit is availability of feature rich toolbox, built-in resources, and other useful features in this web-empowering ASP.NET technology. This language benefits both programmers and developers in many ways. The growing popularity of this technology in web development can be seen from its usage in most of the popular websites such as Amazon, eBay etc.

Let’s have a quick look on how ASP.NET provides an effective web development solution to the developers in places like New York:

  • Web applications are faster: What makes ASP.NET fast is caching and compilation of code. As compare to other development languages that supports code interpretation, into machine language, at the time when users views web page, ASP.NET on the other hand benefits in the way the code is complied into appropriate machine language before visiting web page. Caching helps to reuse the stored information in future without interoperating it repeatedly. In this way, this web programming language benefits in faster access of site.

  • Recover memory leaks: The most irritating thing when visiting website is error messages. To ensure that your website will never display error messages when accessed, this language provides a shieling feature. This means, it recovers automatically when errors or memory leak occur.

  • Support for multiple languages: Using ASP.NET, programmers can also develop code in other languages such as Jscript.Net, C# (C Sharp).Net, VB.Net etc. IN this way, .NET framework provides users a flexibility of developing code, using language they are skilled in.

  • This language comes with rich in libraries that greatly reduce the amount of code.

  • Various types of authentication methods in ASP.NET help to develop web application with high security.

  • Easy to use and understand.

  • Quick execution of code than other scripting languages

  • Easy to maintain as source code isolates the logic from presentation.


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