How do designers create an effective web page to attract and retain visitors?

An effective web design environment is must to be created, to attract visitor’s attention. Web designers take essential care of this factor and design the site accordingly. Few things that designers take care of while designing a site is as follows:

  • Visual elements: For an appealing website design, color, typography, iconography and other imagery things are the very first things that are taken into consideration by the designers. This is because a good website layout is helpful in targeting the audience.

  • Color: Use of appropriate colors is must while designing because if strong background colors were used, then content and other things would not be visible enough. Thus distracting the attention of visitor and allowing him or her to move to other competitor’s site.

  • Typography: Likewise, colors the layout of the website should also be simple, yet interesting. Therefore,web designing company designers in cities like New York must stick to a theme that go in accordance with the products and convey appropriate message to the visitors.

  • Imagery: Also called as images, should not be displayed all around the website. Appropriate imagery (photos, illustrations, and icons) should be used that help convey the right message and enhance the website looks. However, overuse of images should not be used as clutter of it solves no purpose, rather adds to the lack of quality, and poor presentation.

  • Content: Likewise appropriate images should be used for conveying right message, appropriate content should be displayed that help make the users understand about what the site is offering. However, less critical messages and elements should be used because it makes users loss their interest and eventually cause loss for the business. In accordance to it, relevant flashes, bold, large size, and brightness factors will be used.

  • Navigation: Easy navigation should be there from one webpage to another, so that it allows the visitor to easily go through the webpages without wasting much of time on a single page. Therefore, designers have to take care of navigation factor.

  • User feedback: Before buying a product, every customer looks for user’s feedback. It helps give an idea to the customer about the company and its products reliability. A specific page is created on the website, which allows the users to fill their views regarding the company.


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