Top tools to test your mobile applications

Developing a mobile app is a long procedure. Developers follow various steps to create a new application. They design it, develop it and then test it before launching. They use various tools for the designing and developing part.

After creating a new mobile application, it is necessary to test it on multiple devices and operating systems. Multiple testing technologies are available to check apps. Many companies that are providing services of mobile application design and development in NYC and other big cities, use these tools to test their new projects.

Google Android Emulator – The emulator is a tool that helps developers in testing their apps. It has duplicate features of a mobile device. With the help of android virtual device (AVD) configurations, one can create different configuration for hardware and android platforms.

Testdroid – In Testdroid, you can test your app on real mobile devices. This tool will let you know about the bugs and issues in your code so that you can fix them. You can check your project here before launching it.

BlackBerry Simulator – Multiple types of BlackBerry simulators are available to check apps which are made for BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry 10 simulator is one of these tools for testing.

Ranorex – This tool is made for mobile automation testing. Here developers can test apps for various operating systems such as Android, Windows 8 and iOS. With the help of this, you can find bugs and fix them.

MobiOne – With the help of this tool, one can test iOS and Android mobile web apps. It helps in debugging and fixing issues with application of different devices.

Eggplant – eggplant includes variety of testing technologies in which one option is for mobile apps. You can check them on different operating systems and devices like Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows. You can check your project on different platforms while saving time.

TestiPhone – Your new iPhone web application can be tested on TestiPhone. It is web browser based simulator which works on different web browsers like Safari 3, Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 etc.

Sikuli – To test the user interface, developers can use Sikuli. It is based on the language Python. They use images for this task.

With the help of these various tools and many others, developers check their work before launching them. It helps them in location problems and issues with their applications, so that they can make them perfect. If it does not work properly, then it can affect its popularity as well as its sale.


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