Ranking factors of a website in SERP’s

Effective search engine optimization allows a website to rank in top ten search engine results. However, proper strategic plans are to be made by SEO professionals.

Following are few factors on which ranking of websites depend:

  • Matt Cutts states that domain age is difference between domains that is six months old verses to one, which is one year old. However, ranking factor does not completely imply on this fact.
  • Keywords in the domain doesn’t give much boost to the website ranking as it used to but still has relevancy factor in it.
  • Targeted keywords that are as the first word in domain have edge over the domains which don’t have keyword in domain.
  • Keyword in subdomains also helps boost the ranking of website.
  •  To rank the site in particular country, having a Country Code Top Level Domain can be used.
  • During On-page SEO, keyword in title tag helps in boosting the ranking of site.
  • Title tags that start with keyword performs better than tags that have keywords at the end.
  • Likewise, placing keyword in description tag do makes a difference, but ranking factor is not significantly dependent on it.
  • H1 tags used for keyword are given more weightage for ranking.
  • Content length plays a great role in placing site on top SERP.
  • Proper placement of keyword in content is must. Technically, this is termed as keyword density.
  • Page loading speed does play an important role in ranking because search engine spiders do consider these factors when determining relevancy of the site.
  • LSI keywords in Meta tags of page help Google to make differentiate between synonyms.
  • Identical content on the same site is a big no, if wanting good ranking.
  • Use of Rel=Canonical tag is must in order to make Google understand pages with duplicate content.
  • Image optimization is important to provide search engines important relevancy signals regarding the site.
  • Keyword prominence is must factor to take into account to prove relevancy of site.
  • Grammar and spelling in content has equal importance like other factors do have.
  • Syndicated content is not at all supported because Google comes to know that that the page is being copied from the indexed pages.

    So, is your site having all these ranking factor features? If not, then hire an SEO professional so that they make use of best search engine marketing techniques in Norwalk or elsewhere that would bring your website on top search engine result pages.


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