The 4 Essentials of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

546711_444713262239779_2025295046_nIn the world of online marketing, social media marketing has become one of the indispensable techniques. It is a technique that helps in improving the online presence of websites as well as gaining more traffic. This is the reason why businesses use a comprehensive social media marketing strategy in CT, where there is tough competition among companies.

However, like any other technique, this strategy also consists of several essentials. Below mentioned are the 4 essentials of a social media marketing strategy.

1. FacebookFacebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with more than 1.44 billion users. The huge number of users and immense popularity of this platform is the reason why it is an essential focus in social media marketing. Business owners can use this potential customer base for their benefit. You can promote your business on Facebook and get more traffic to your website.

In addition, Facebook is expanding its reach by gradually serving as a platform to search for products or companies. It is necessary that your clients can see you on this platform, when they search for you. You can use this factor to increase your online presence.

2. TwitterTwitter is another popular social media platform that many people use. To reach out to your existing and potential customers, you should be on Twitter. It can make content viral, which gives you the opportunity to promote your business.

3. LinkedinIt is a platform where you can attract both professionals and clients. LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals of all niches. Not only can you promote your business on LinkedIn, but you can also increase leads and conversion rate.

4. Google+It is much more than just a social media platform. Google+ has a large number of users, which gives you the opportunity to increase leads and sales. You can focus on your targeted clients on Google+. Furthermore, it can help in improving your SERP rankings.

The aforementioned are the 4 essential platforms that must be part of any effective social media marketing strategy whether the object of the promotion is a small business in or an established company.


How SEO plays an important role in web design? Continue reading..

In today’s competitive market scenario, having a solid online presence is vital for your business to grow. Studies have shown that people make refine search practically before making purchases online.

Hence, it is vital for businesses to have websites that make the effective presence in search engine’s search results. In this hi-tech industry, websites have become the face of almost all enterprises. Perfectly designed websites hold the power to convince website visitors to make final purchasing decision in the favor of your firm.

On the other hand, having a website for your business representation is not enough. It is of great importance for the websites to appear on good ranks in search engines’ search listings when people search for search terms.

It is rare when people execute search by typing the name of the website. Their search is based upon what they actually need. It may a product name they are searching for or certain service or topic of information they are looking for. If your business site does not appear in the search results when people make searches for related search terms, your online business does not exist for users.

At this point, one question that frequently comes in mind is how to make sure that your online business will rank for related search terms that users are searching for. Why search engines pick your website to be appear on the top in search results when there are thousands of websites that are closely related to the keywords. This is where the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into depiction. Web site design and Search Engine Optimization must go side by side in order to make your site appear in top rankings.

Many website designers nowadays are integrating SEO solution in Bridgeport CT in the website design project to produce a well optimized website. However, many organization are still unaware of the important role of SEO in web design and do not involve SEO in their website designing stages which takes their business down even after having a website.

An SEO friendly website has ability to drive more traffic toward your online business. It is the best practice to incorporate SEO during website designing and enjoy the benefits of appearing on the top in search results!

SEO solution in Bridgeport CT helps your business to grow by incorporating SEO in web designing so to produce an optimal site with appealing looks.

Tips to Improve your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Improvisation is the key in Search Engine Marketing.  There is a process in Digital Marketing, which followed can be helpful in the long run. Digital Marketing is home to innovativeness and uniqueness, where things change in a matter of time. sem

Following are the tips, which help in Digital Search Engine Marketing Strategy are as follows-

Make good use of Content– The content can be optimized and it proves to be helpful in Search Engine Marketing. The optimization will only be fruitful, if your content is up to the mark.

The low quality content, which is keyword stuffing, grammatical errors, thin performance (the content is not up to the mark) has no place on the internet. On the contrary, good (high) quality, which is free from the above errors, provides information about businesses, and the content is properly optimized with keywords. The Optimized content has allowed many businesses to grow tangentially.

Use Keywords Cautiously – Using keywords in excess is a big no. However, if you are using keywords suitably, then it can prove to be fruitful. The keywords do make a crucial role in Search Engine Marketing based companies of Norwalk.

Sticking to the SEO-friendly URLs– Every website page has a unique SEO URL. Make sure, when you convert URL of your website, it should be a SEO friendly URL.

Piggy Backing on Social Media– Many social media websites, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, can allow your businesses to flourish.

Avoid Flash – You must avoid using flash on your website in the first place. However, in case you have to, make sure you use it the least you can. The flash-based text is not helpful at all. There is no acceptance for image based content text. The image-based texting will become invisible and any type of information would not be visible for the search engine. The efforts might become futile if you are opting for image-based texting and flash images.

Ranking factors of a website in SERP’s

Effective search engine optimization allows a website to rank in top ten search engine results. However, proper strategic plans are to be made by SEO professionals.

Following are few factors on which ranking of websites depend:

  • Matt Cutts states that domain age is difference between domains that is six months old verses to one, which is one year old. However, ranking factor does not completely imply on this fact.
  • Keywords in the domain doesn’t give much boost to the website ranking as it used to but still has relevancy factor in it.
  • Targeted keywords that are as the first word in domain have edge over the domains which don’t have keyword in domain.
  • Keyword in subdomains also helps boost the ranking of website.
  •  To rank the site in particular country, having a Country Code Top Level Domain can be used.
  • During On-page SEO, keyword in title tag helps in boosting the ranking of site.
  • Title tags that start with keyword performs better than tags that have keywords at the end.
  • Likewise, placing keyword in description tag do makes a difference, but ranking factor is not significantly dependent on it.
  • H1 tags used for keyword are given more weightage for ranking.
  • Content length plays a great role in placing site on top SERP.
  • Proper placement of keyword in content is must. Technically, this is termed as keyword density.
  • Page loading speed does play an important role in ranking because search engine spiders do consider these factors when determining relevancy of the site.
  • LSI keywords in Meta tags of page help Google to make differentiate between synonyms.
  • Identical content on the same site is a big no, if wanting good ranking.
  • Use of Rel=Canonical tag is must in order to make Google understand pages with duplicate content.
  • Image optimization is important to provide search engines important relevancy signals regarding the site.
  • Keyword prominence is must factor to take into account to prove relevancy of site.
  • Grammar and spelling in content has equal importance like other factors do have.
  • Syndicated content is not at all supported because Google comes to know that that the page is being copied from the indexed pages.

    So, is your site having all these ranking factor features? If not, then hire an SEO professional so that they make use of best search engine marketing techniques in Norwalk or elsewhere that would bring your website on top search engine result pages.

Why you should get a PPC campaign setup for your business?

PPC is a form of internet advertising in which an advertisement is placed on web pages and search index of search engines at a specified position. These advertisements are displayed either on the top of the web pages or on the left or right side of pages.

The pay per click advertisements are created with certain keywords. Whenever any user makes any search through these keywords, the advertisements get displayed on the result pages. Whenever these ads are clicked by online visitors, the owner needs to pay a fixed amount of money to the one who is publishing ads for your business.

The cost of advertisements is evaluated with the help of two methods known as flat rate or bid based. The flat rate is a fixed price, which is determined by publishers taking into account several factors. On the other hand, bid based advertisements are also fixed but the cost is determined by advertiser. The advertisers give certain sum of money to the publisher, whenever the ad is being clicked.

The main purpose of pay per click services offered by a reputed company in NYC is to drive high quality traffic towards websites. Investment in pay per click campaigning is not at all a bad idea as these types of advertisements provide a range of benefits to the business owners, out of which, the significant advantages are mentioned below:

1. Fast results
No other online marketing technique is as good as pay per click advertising.  On implementing advertisements on search engines, you will notice a drastic increase in the number of visitors on your profile, simultaneously increasing traffic and sales, in a very short span of time.

2. Cost effective method of advertising

On implementing pay per click campaigns on the web, you will have great control over your budget, which implies that you can implement a variety of ad campaigns on the web in a budget friendly manner.

3. Target audience location wise

One of the biggest advantages associated with pay per click campaigns is that you can target your audience geographically. For example, if you are running an online store in America and you only want to target audience of America and Canada, then you can do this job easily through settings available in ad campaigns.

4. Seasonal advertising approach
If you are running a business that deals in seasonal products, then you can also create a tactical advertising campaign for a specified period.

Choose PPC for immediate and calculable results!

Pay Per Click is a fairly simple way to attain top rankings in popular search engine results. Businesses of all sizes in various industries have start adding this type of advertising to their business development strategies.

It is paid search advertising in which website owners pay fee to get your link displayed when internet users type specific keywords in search engine’s search boxes. These ads will display on the top of search engine results page and take viewers directly to your site.

Well-managed and optimized pay per click campaigns provides a cost-effective way of advertising that give website owners the best returns from their investment. Let us have a look how New York based pay per click services benefits an online business:

Immediate visibility on search engine result pages:

If your online business site has lower search engine visibility, PPC can help you attain top positions in search results. PPC ads can be launched within a span of hours.


This type of advertising is a relatively a low cost advertising. This process involves a small fee at the beginning. That means, professionals take certain amount of money for implementing PPC for your site. Once your site started showing on the top of search engine’s search page, you will pay only when your advertisement is clicked on. This type of online marketing campaign can be customized based upon the type of the business and client’s budget.

Keyword targeting:

This way of online marketing is effective if you want to target some specific keywords. If you have a small website but the number of keywords you want to target is large, PPC can best fit your needs. In comparison to organic search where some specific search terms can be targeted, with pay per click multiple keyword targeting is possible.

An effective way to remarket your products:

Research studies have shown that more a product is exposed to potential customers, more the chances that they can become you final customers. Through PPC advertising, ads can be shown to users who have already visited your site.

Local or global exposure:

The best feature of choosing PPC marketing is that your site links can be displayed based upon the geographic locations you want to target. Regardless, the size of your organization, pat per click allows you to target local or global markets. This way, a business owner can choose where they ads appear and where not.

How do designers create an effective web page to attract and retain visitors?

An effective web design environment is must to be created, to attract visitor’s attention. Web designers take essential care of this factor and design the site accordingly. Few things that designers take care of while designing a site is as follows:

  • Visual elements: For an appealing website design, color, typography, iconography and other imagery things are the very first things that are taken into consideration by the designers. This is because a good website layout is helpful in targeting the audience.

  • Color: Use of appropriate colors is must while designing because if strong background colors were used, then content and other things would not be visible enough. Thus distracting the attention of visitor and allowing him or her to move to other competitor’s site.

  • Typography: Likewise, colors the layout of the website should also be simple, yet interesting. Therefore,web designing company designers in cities like New York must stick to a theme that go in accordance with the products and convey appropriate message to the visitors.

  • Imagery: Also called as images, should not be displayed all around the website. Appropriate imagery (photos, illustrations, and icons) should be used that help convey the right message and enhance the website looks. However, overuse of images should not be used as clutter of it solves no purpose, rather adds to the lack of quality, and poor presentation.

  • Content: Likewise appropriate images should be used for conveying right message, appropriate content should be displayed that help make the users understand about what the site is offering. However, less critical messages and elements should be used because it makes users loss their interest and eventually cause loss for the business. In accordance to it, relevant flashes, bold, large size, and brightness factors will be used.

  • Navigation: Easy navigation should be there from one webpage to another, so that it allows the visitor to easily go through the webpages without wasting much of time on a single page. Therefore, designers have to take care of navigation factor.

  • User feedback: Before buying a product, every customer looks for user’s feedback. It helps give an idea to the customer about the company and its products reliability. A specific page is created on the website, which allows the users to fill their views regarding the company.