Tips to Improve your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Improvisation is the key in Search Engine Marketing.  There is a process in Digital Marketing, which followed can be helpful in the long run. Digital Marketing is home to innovativeness and uniqueness, where things change in a matter of time. sem

Following are the tips, which help in Digital Search Engine Marketing Strategy are as follows-

Make good use of Content– The content can be optimized and it proves to be helpful in Search Engine Marketing. The optimization will only be fruitful, if your content is up to the mark.

The low quality content, which is keyword stuffing, grammatical errors, thin performance (the content is not up to the mark) has no place on the internet. On the contrary, good (high) quality, which is free from the above errors, provides information about businesses, and the content is properly optimized with keywords. The Optimized content has allowed many businesses to grow tangentially.

Use Keywords Cautiously – Using keywords in excess is a big no. However, if you are using keywords suitably, then it can prove to be fruitful. The keywords do make a crucial role in Search Engine Marketing based companies of Norwalk.

Sticking to the SEO-friendly URLs– Every website page has a unique SEO URL. Make sure, when you convert URL of your website, it should be a SEO friendly URL.

Piggy Backing on Social Media– Many social media websites, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, can allow your businesses to flourish.

Avoid Flash – You must avoid using flash on your website in the first place. However, in case you have to, make sure you use it the least you can. The flash-based text is not helpful at all. There is no acceptance for image based content text. The image-based texting will become invisible and any type of information would not be visible for the search engine. The efforts might become futile if you are opting for image-based texting and flash images.


What is the relationship between responsive web design and SEO?

In IT world, various fields, whether it is web development or design, all of them are related to each other. One way or another, they do affect each other. Like every other IT field, responsive website design and SEO are related to each other. In the cities like Norwalk, professionals providing website development and designing services, understand this relationship of different IT fields.

Now the question is what is the relationship between web design and SEO? Here are the answers:

One website – With the increasing number of mobile internet users, it became important for IT professionals to create two websites, one for desktop and other for mobile. Web pages had two versions, one was for desktop, and other was mobile version. However, the trend of responsive solved this problem. Now there is no need to create two different websites. One site is enough for every device. Responsive design means that a web page is created in a way that it can fit every device’s screen.

Responsive also made work easier for SEO professionals. It is also easier to manage. One business’s two sites with same name and same content do not get good ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). One site makes it easier for search engine optimization professional to work as well as get better rankings. Quality and unique content on one web page gets traffic and ranking. Backlinks returning on one domain is another thing that is preferred by Google.

Traffic and bounce rate – When users land on a website, they like to see a webpage that fits their device’s screen, where they can see everything properly and read easily. When users face problem in reading or understanding web page, they immediately quit and go to other pages. It increases the bounce rate, which is not good for SEO. However, responsive design immediately fits in any screen size. When users are able to see, read and understand a web page, the chances of their quitting decreases.

Low bounce rate is good for any website’s rankings in SERPs. It is good for SEO professionals. With better ranking, comes increased traffic. Sites that fit every screen size gains regular visitors since people trust them for better online experience.

Sales – For business sites, responsive design can help in increasing sales. Better traffic, low bounce rate and one layout for many devices can improve conversion rate. People usually like to purchase from those pages, which has good ranking in result pages. Good layout enhances their online experience. It encourages them to purchase more.
Above mentioned aspects show how responsive design and SEO are connected.

Why you need mobile-friendly websites?

The need to make website mobile friendly has become essentially important these days.

In the past, two websites were made; one considering the desktop user and another mobile user. Creating multiple unique sites to accommodate various screen sizes used to be a daunting task for developers.

This is where the need to make one responsive website came into existence. Here are few reasons to convert a website mobile responsive:

To come in good books of search engines

To get high ranking in search engine result pages, it is important to come in good books of search engines. This is only feasible when a responsive website is created for both desktop and mobile.

Removes hassle of developing multiple websites for a single business

Creating different websites for multiple mobile devices used to be a hassle for developers and for users, as well. Users would require to take extra steps to locate the desktop version site, and find the product all over again, which used to be time consuming and annoying. In order to rectify this problem, developers have come with a solution that gives great user-experience across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Easier to conduct SEO campaigns

Likewise, for developers creating multiple sites used to be a daunting task, conducting SEO campaigns for multiple sites used to be daunting for SEO professionals as well. With the development changes, running SEO campaign has made things a lot easier for professionals.

Key to provide good user-experience

Users usually get annoys, when they require waiting for a long time on a website that takes time to load, or when they come across multiple sites of a single business. The chances of users to leave your site and switch to some other website are likely more, which is not a good sign for a business. Therefore, if your business is in Norwalk, hiring of website development services company to create user friendly site is must.

Increase traffic rate

Mobile friendly site increases the traffic rate, which in turn has brings good turnovers for businesses.

Combat high bounce rate

Undoubtedly, non-responsive websites have to suffer high bounce rate, which drop its ranking on SERP. Thus with responsive website there is no more compromising on traffic rate.

Good loading speed

Loading of website on mobile devices becomes a lot more quick, which helps to keep the users engaged with the site.

How to Ensure Maximum ROI in a PPC Campaign?

For every business in this world, profit is the motive! The profit with least expenses is an ideal situation for a businessperson. The maximum ROI is what a businessperson is looking for their investment. In case of Digital Marketing, a marketer needs to set a campaign where there is more earning and less expense. A campaign like PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advantageous campaign for a marketer if they know how to execute it.

PPC is a campaign in which there is earning from the visitors, who are going to visit the website being promoted. In order to catch the eyes of a visitor and minimize the bounce rate, the website is made as attractive as it can be. Few of the things need to be kept in mind while designing a page –

  • The page does not take much time to upload.
  • There is relevant information on the page/website.
  • The execution of pages is done with an ease.

After catching the eyes of visitors, conversion needs to be done. This conversion rate is capable of making/breaking a business. Various ways through which we can analyze the conversion rate on a website are website visitor analysis, website content improvisation, lead qualifying strategies, etc.

The above techniques are some of the techniques through which calculation can be done on the basis of conversion rate. The third activity, which comes into being, is studying the human behavior. It is necessary to analyze the prospects related in a field, where things are dependent on consumer’s choices.

The analytics of consumer behavior is to make amendments in the current working, so that things presented in the future on a website are according to the need of a customer. The fulfillment of consumers need is a priority. The target market is predefined, which helps marketers to target a specific market, which helps them in gaining revenue for the long run.

Supposedly, pay per click services in NYC can target a niche market. The target market in NYC is niche carved out of a market; this niche might be only looking for a specific service on a website, even if the website is offering a wholesome services. A niche can be a cash cow and revenue grosser for the long run.

Ranking factors of a website in SERP’s

Effective search engine optimization allows a website to rank in top ten search engine results. However, proper strategic plans are to be made by SEO professionals.

Following are few factors on which ranking of websites depend:

  • Matt Cutts states that domain age is difference between domains that is six months old verses to one, which is one year old. However, ranking factor does not completely imply on this fact.
  • Keywords in the domain doesn’t give much boost to the website ranking as it used to but still has relevancy factor in it.
  • Targeted keywords that are as the first word in domain have edge over the domains which don’t have keyword in domain.
  • Keyword in subdomains also helps boost the ranking of website.
  •  To rank the site in particular country, having a Country Code Top Level Domain can be used.
  • During On-page SEO, keyword in title tag helps in boosting the ranking of site.
  • Title tags that start with keyword performs better than tags that have keywords at the end.
  • Likewise, placing keyword in description tag do makes a difference, but ranking factor is not significantly dependent on it.
  • H1 tags used for keyword are given more weightage for ranking.
  • Content length plays a great role in placing site on top SERP.
  • Proper placement of keyword in content is must. Technically, this is termed as keyword density.
  • Page loading speed does play an important role in ranking because search engine spiders do consider these factors when determining relevancy of the site.
  • LSI keywords in Meta tags of page help Google to make differentiate between synonyms.
  • Identical content on the same site is a big no, if wanting good ranking.
  • Use of Rel=Canonical tag is must in order to make Google understand pages with duplicate content.
  • Image optimization is important to provide search engines important relevancy signals regarding the site.
  • Keyword prominence is must factor to take into account to prove relevancy of site.
  • Grammar and spelling in content has equal importance like other factors do have.
  • Syndicated content is not at all supported because Google comes to know that that the page is being copied from the indexed pages.

    So, is your site having all these ranking factor features? If not, then hire an SEO professional so that they make use of best search engine marketing techniques in Norwalk or elsewhere that would bring your website on top search engine result pages.

Top tools to test your mobile applications

Developing a mobile app is a long procedure. Developers follow various steps to create a new application. They design it, develop it and then test it before launching. They use various tools for the designing and developing part.

After creating a new mobile application, it is necessary to test it on multiple devices and operating systems. Multiple testing technologies are available to check apps. Many companies that are providing services of mobile application design and development in NYC and other big cities, use these tools to test their new projects.

Google Android Emulator – The emulator is a tool that helps developers in testing their apps. It has duplicate features of a mobile device. With the help of android virtual device (AVD) configurations, one can create different configuration for hardware and android platforms.

Testdroid – In Testdroid, you can test your app on real mobile devices. This tool will let you know about the bugs and issues in your code so that you can fix them. You can check your project here before launching it.

BlackBerry Simulator – Multiple types of BlackBerry simulators are available to check apps which are made for BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry 10 simulator is one of these tools for testing.

Ranorex – This tool is made for mobile automation testing. Here developers can test apps for various operating systems such as Android, Windows 8 and iOS. With the help of this, you can find bugs and fix them.

MobiOne – With the help of this tool, one can test iOS and Android mobile web apps. It helps in debugging and fixing issues with application of different devices.

Eggplant – eggplant includes variety of testing technologies in which one option is for mobile apps. You can check them on different operating systems and devices like Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows. You can check your project on different platforms while saving time.

TestiPhone – Your new iPhone web application can be tested on TestiPhone. It is web browser based simulator which works on different web browsers like Safari 3, Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 etc.

Sikuli – To test the user interface, developers can use Sikuli. It is based on the language Python. They use images for this task.

With the help of these various tools and many others, developers check their work before launching them. It helps them in location problems and issues with their applications, so that they can make them perfect. If it does not work properly, then it can affect its popularity as well as its sale.

Six useful platforms for Pay per Click advertising

Pay Per Click is an important part of internet marketing. With this marketing, Companies and individuals can advertise on internet. Advertiser’s link will be shown on the top of the result page of search engine. Sometimes these links are shown on the side of the result page. Advertiser pays publisher when someone click on their links and goes to their websites. With every click, publisher gets paid and advertiser’s product becomes more popular.

There are companies in cities like New York that are offering pay per click services for their clients. These companies can help you and your company to get on the first result page, so that your link can catch the eye of customers. They can get you traffic for your website.

For Pay per Click, there are multiple tools such as:

Google AdWords – Google AdWords helps in getting your link in the first result page. With the editor software for this option, ads can be downloaded and edited. With the help of keyword tools, you can decide what keyword is the best for your business.

Big 3 generator – In this tool, you can create different ads related to your company. After creating them, you can upload them on AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing or MSN Adcenter.

Yahoo! Search Marketing – Search engine Yahoo provides you this keyword based option to post your ads and attract traffic to your website. You can create ads for your business on other softwares. This advertising service can get you lots of clicks.

Baidu Phoenix Next – This option is for those people who want to promote their business especially in China. Baidu is china’s top search engine. If china is a market for your business then you can try this tool. It will help you in getting clicks and gaining traffic from china.

Bing AdCenter – In Bing AdCenter, you can get more traffic because of the collaboration between Yahoo and Bing in it. You can create new ads and campaign for your business here. If you are using Google AdWords then you can import your campaigns to Bing Ads.

iSpionage – With this option, you can learn and monitor keywords for your business. You can compare your rank with competitors business ranking in result pages and improve your marketing. You can create a better campaign with the help of iSpionage.

In today’s cutthroat competition, these tools will help you in gaining advantage on your competitors. With the traffic gained with the help of these tools, you can get your target audience and turn them into a potential customer.